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Fast Track to Climate Action

Create A Climate Action Plan

Do you want to do something about climate change and your organizational carbon footprint? Are you concerned about how the rising cost of carbon will impact your bottom line?

There are tremendous opportunities to reduce costs, engage your team and build your brand by taking action and responsibility around your carbon footprint. For many small and mid-sized businesses, measuring your carbon footprint and taking action to reduce it, is easier than you think.

  • The Fast Track to Climate Action program provides participants with the key steps to measuring the carbon footprint of your business, and then uncovering the opportunities to both reduce emissions and save money.
  • The training includes instructional presentations, worksheets, homework, a one-year subscription to our carbon software, and a final review of your work and carbon footprint.
  • At the end of the program you’ll have the tools, skills and knowledge to continue measuring, reducing and reporting on your carbon footprint, year after year; a vital step in the transition to the green economy. You’ll also have the information necessary to decide if becoming a carbon neutral business is right for you, and understand the steps and costs to get there.
  • By training participants in the steps of accounting for your greenhouse gas emissions, we will help you to build new skills and capacity within each person and your organization as a whole, enabling you to continue the journey and compound the benefits and savings opportunities year after year.


To a Cohort Group of Organizations In-Person or Online 
This option is available for group training organized by government or business/industry associations that will support the recruitment of participants. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to request group or bulk pricing.

*For in-person training, business provides the training space for in-person delivery. A boardroom or other meeting space that can accommodate the number of participants is sufficient.

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