Accelerate Your Green Journey

GreenStep Certified

Certification and support for your climate action journey

What is GreenStep Certified?

  1. An environmentally-focused certification for all types of businesses and organizations 
  2. Encourages and drives awareness and understanding of actions that lead to:
    • Energy efficiency
    • Water conservation
    • Waste reduction and diversion
    • Biodiversity and ecosystem restoration
    • Carbon reduction and climate action
  3. Provides an assessment and verification of environmentally sustainable practices that drive decarbonization

Assessment Categories

  • Green Management Practices 

  • Low Impact and Low Carbon Transportation

  • Buildings and Energy Conservation

  • Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention

  • Water Conservation and Pollution Prevention 

  • Local Purchasing and Community Support 

  • Carbon Offsets, RECs, and Regeneration

  • Social and Cultural Sustainability 

Steps to Certification

  • Complete the online application and assessment checklist

  • Submit the assessment checklist and schedule an assessmentnt

  • Receive an assessment with required and recommended actions

  • Implement the required actions

  • Acheive certification and recieve a customized action plan

    Benefits to Participating

    1. Marketing tools: Certification logo, certificate, and tips on how to market and share achievements
    2. Marketing and promotion through GreenStep and partner channels
    3. Resources, toolkits, and ongoing support
    4. Access to the GreenStep online Member Portal community

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