GreenStep Certified

About The Program

GreenStep Certified is a program that helps businesses assess their current green practices and receive expert coaching to identify new steps they can take to go green and take climate action. The goal of the program is to drive measurable emissions reduction actions and advance environmental stewardship through the promotion of energy efficiency, water conservation, low-carbon transportation, waste reduction, ecosystem restoration, and other climate action initiatives, along with meaningful social impact actions. 

“Did you know that businesses can reduce energy costs by up to 75%, reduce waste, water and material costs by up to 20%, increase revenues, and improve profitability by taking strategic actions on sustainability?”

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GreenStep Certified Businesses Will Receive:

How It Works

To get started, join online, or set up a call with our team to learn more. Once you’ve signed up, our team will send your membership agreement, instructions for your assessment, and an onboarding package.

The 5 Steps to Achieve Certification:

Step One

Complete the self-assessment and book an onsite or virtual visit with an assessor.

The self-assessment and booking links are provided in the program onboarding package.

Step Two

Attend the virtual or onsite visit with your assessor.

Your assessor will review and discuss how your business is implementing actions across each assessment category, as reported in your self-assessment. Evidence may be requested for selected actions.

Step Three

Receive expert coaching and an action plan.

After the assessment is complete, your assessor will provide 1:1 coaching and send a list of recommended actions focused on quick wins that can help you to increase your score and your positive impacts.

Step Four

Implement Actions

You will have four weeks to provide any additionally requested evidence and implement recommended actions, at which time your assessor will finalize your assessment score.

Step Five

Receive your final report and marketing toolkit.

Your final report will help you to see how you have scored in each section. The marketing toolkit will include your digital logos and certificate if you have met the minimum 35% threshold to achieve certification.


GreenStep Certified businesses pay an annual membership fee, to maintain certification status and continue receiving the benefits associated with membership. Prices vary depending on the size of your business. Recertification is required every two years.

Membership fees are based upon the number of full time equivalent employees (FTEs). For questions on how to calculate FTEs, email us at

Small Business

FTE’s: 1-25

Medium Business

FTE’s: 26-75

Large Business

FTE’s: 76-100+
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Download the GreenStep Certified Criteria

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customers increasingly seek sustainable spending options and want to verify businesses’ eco-friendly actions and claims. Research indicates that companies addressing social and environmental issues not only retain employees better but also cultivate a more loyal customer base, leading to higher returns by benefiting people, the planet, and profit.

GreenStep Certified celebrates your environmental achievements and offers guidance and support for continued climate action. Displaying the GreenStep Certified badge signals to customers, employees, and peers that you are committed to making a positive impact, backed by credible certification.

Additionally, aligning with the assessment and implementing GreenStep Certified recommended actions will improve your energy efficiency leading to significant cost savings with proactive measures that can reduce the financial impact of carbon taxes and rising prices. 

The GreenStep Certified assessment consists of 37 questions related to various areas of climate action and environmental sustainability. Each question of the assessment has been assigned a specific point value based on the impact of the particular action. A minimum score of 35% is required to achieve certification, and a grading level is awarded based upon the score as follows:

GreenStep Certified Grading Levels:

  • Platinum: 90%+
  • Gold: 75-89%
  • Silver: 55-74%
  • Bronze: 35-54%

The time required to gather evidence and prepare for your assessment may range depending on your current level of sustainability performance and existing tracking systems. For some well organized businesses, assessment preparation may take less than an hour. For others, a more indepth time commitment may be required if the lead contact on the assessment needs to reach out to their peers to find and gather information.

Assessments vary depending on the size of your business. Most businesses will require a 90-minute assessment.

In order to maintain your grading level and status, you will need to pay an annual membership fee which includes a reassessment every two years to ensure that you are continuing to meet the GreenStep Certified standard.

Members are strongly encouraged to include representatives from each department of their organization. Departmental managers, including those in charge of purchasing and building managers (or liaisons to the building manager), often have the best insight into current actions, practices, and equipment.

The assessment call should include you or your Green Team leader, and any other staff you feel are important to attend.

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