Take your sustainability efforts to the next level.

EcoFund supports businesses and their customers to accelerate climate action:

  • measure and reduce your carbon footprint
  • create a carbon reduction plan
  • invest in projects that reduce energy and water consumption, and minimize waste
  • meet the demand for responsible business with a credible third party program

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Invest In Your Business

Invest your EcoFund back into your business for eligible projects that demonstrate a measurable reduction in energy and water consumption, waste production, carbon emissions, or further refinement of related sustainability strategies that will lead to carbon reduction.

Expert Guidance

GreenStep's expert team will provide an annual energy assessment, carbon footprint measurement, and project plan, helping you to prioritize the best projects to reduce your emissions and generate the most positive impacts for your business, customers, and the environment.

Communicate Your Values

You will receive the EcoFund Verified seal, marketing assets, and an annual summary report, to demonstrate the credibility of the program to your customers and stakeholders, and reflect your dedication and progress towards climate action.

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