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Whether you’re just beginning your sustainability journey, or are well on your way, our suite of programs will help you take your efforts to the next level. 

The GreenStep EcoFund program helps businesses generate a fund to invest in retrofits that save energy, water, and waste, and reduce their carbon footprint.


Our Sustainable Tourism division helps tourism businesses and destinations with a range of services and certifications designed just for the industry.

Fast Track to Sustainability

Learn how to go green, save costs, and operate more efficiently in a guided in person or online workshop series. Group options available.

Carbon Bust Your Business

Learn how to measure your carbon footprint in a guided online or in person workshop series. Includes carbon software. Group options available.

Single-Use Plastic Free Certification

For the purposes of certification, single-use plastic free is defined as zero use of non-essential single-use plastic products.

Eco Efficiency Program

Bundled energy, water, waste, and carbon assessments to help your business or organization go green, save money and reduce your impacts.

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