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FastTrack to Sustainability Training

Create A Sustainability Action Plan

Looking for ways for your business to go green, save costs, and operate more efficiently, but lack the resources, skills, or knowledge to find the right solutions? Want to do more to meet the growing consumer and stakeholder demand for responsible business, but not sure where to start or what to do next?

Sustainability doesn’t need to be complicated or costly, and when approached strategically, can uncover opportunities to operate more efficiently, cut costs, improve productivity, and attract new customers. The FastTrack to Sustainability training program will develop specialized management and business skills in participants, arming them with the knowledge and tools to support your businesses in the transition to the green economy.

  • Through an applied learning approach, participants will work through four modules, each building on the other. The training approach includes a combination of informational and instructional presentations, worksheets and templates, homework, and a final assessment of your team’s completed work.
  • Each module is an essential step in your sustainability journey, and part of a cycle of continuous improvement. Optional follow-up coaching is available to support the ongoing implementation, updating and measurement of success.
  • By training participants in the basic steps of organizational sustainability, we will help you to build new skills and capacity within each person and your organization as a whole, enabling you to continue the journey and compound the benefits and savings year after year.


Program fees are as follows:

For a Single Organization In-Person or Online
$4,000* plus GST, travel and incidentals
(No maximum on number of participants from registered business.)

To a Cohort Group of Organizations In-Person or Online
This option is available for group training organized by government or business/industry associations that will support the recruitment of participants. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to request group or bulk pricing.

*Business provides the training space for in-person delivery. A boardroom or other meeting space that can accommodate the number of participants is sufficient.

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