Carbon Footprint Measurement

Tackle climate change by taking responsibility for your organizational carbon footprint.

Do you want to do something about climate change and your organizational carbon footprint? 

Are you concerned about how the rising cost of carbon will impact your bottom line?

GreenStep provides full carbon accounting services.

GreenStep will measure a company’s carbon footprint, based on the internationally accepted Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology, to determine the total impact of the company from a carbon perspective for a specific year.

This will establish a baseline from which a carbon reduction or net-zero target can be determined in alignment with the Science-Based Reduction Targets initiative.

From here, carbon reduction and offsetting opportunities will be explored and prioritized through a workshop.

The result will be a carbon footprint report that outlines the methodology, results, and a custom net-zero target and decarbonization plan. This plan will present recommendations for reducing carbon emissions and a pathway to achieving carbon neutrality.

Let us help you take action on your carbon footprint

Create a Climate Action Plan

For many small and mid-sized businesses, measuring your carbon footprint and taking action to reduce it, is easier than you think.

The Fast Track to Climate Action program provides participants with the key steps to measuring the carbon footprint of your business, and then uncovering the opportunities to both reduce emissions and save money.